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(also see complementary health news)


Four top aromatherapy articles:

The Psychological Aspects of Aromatherapy by Christine Broughan, 2004

Aromatherapy to Combat MRSA? a report on work carried by Jacqui Stringer from the Christie Hospital, Manchester, UK in 2004.

The Use of Aromatherapy in Recovery from Substance Abuse by Lillian Hardbattle, 2001. Reported by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Managing Stress with Aromatherapy by Anne Rastetter Wenzel and Jeralynn Burke, 1999.


Here is a range of publications covering aromatherapy and other complementary health therapies.

The International Journal of Aromatherapy is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal which covers many topics including clinical articles,case studies and articles on the therapeutic uses of aromatherapy oils.

Aromatherapy Today is a quarterly publication containing information and articles including practical information, scientific data and case histories. Articles are reviewed by an international advisory board.

The National Association for Holistic Health (NAHA) publishes a quarterly Aromatherapy Journal with articles covering a wide range of topics such as oil profiles, toxicity, aromatherpy in pregnancy and skin care.

The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy is a recently launched peer-reviewed journal with evidence-based articles. Two issues are published per year. Each issue is based around a particular theme e.g. women's health, palliative care etc.

The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine has some articles on aromatherapy topics.It focuses on observational and analytical reports on treatments and their effectiveness.

Two journals which have some content of interest to aromatherapists are :

Complementary Therapies in Medicine and

Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice

Both are published bi-monthly. They occasionally feature articles on aromatherapy in particular and have many reports about complementary therapies in general.

The Journal of Essential Oils Research is the major forum for the publication of essential oil research and analysis.

Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies (FACT)is a quarterly review journal that summarises research papers on complementary and alternative therapy topics worldwide.


Here are links to other websites which feature research and information on aromatherapy:

Natural health Information Centre provides a range of articles of interest in all areas of natural health.

Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives (AGORA) is a site run by a group of international volunteers dedicated to providing aromatherapy education articles.

The Essential Oil Resource is a database of scientific research concerning the biological activity of essential oils and their components

Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Medicine is an on-line peer reviewed journal that features articles on topics in Complementary and Alternative medicine.

PubMed offers a searchable database of biomedical citations. It is provided by the National Library of Medicine and includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950s.