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The following books are selected for their value in promoting the best approaches to aromatherapy. Each link provides further information on the selected text, and a range of similar texts for your consideration. If you are embarking on the study of aromatherapy, most of these titles are approved by course tutors, but please check with your own tutor for recommended texts in your own course.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

:The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in
Aromatherapy and Herbalism
By Julia Lawless
This book gives vital information on plant origins, medical herbalism and the properties and actions of herbs and essential oils. It covers 165 oils, their actions, characteristics, principal constituents and folk traditions.
Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils

:The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in
Aromatherapy and Herbalism
By Julia Lawless
This handbook, used by aromatherapists all over the world, contains A-Z listing of an enormous, internationally relevant, range of 193 aromatic plants. Chapters also cover; the history of aromatherapy and herbalism; how aromatic plants work on your body and mind; how to make your own blends; and uses for oils in the home.

: Practical Approach to the Use of
Essential Oils for Health and Well-being
By Julia Lawless
This instructive guide to the principles and practice of aromatherapy includes: An introduction to the aromatherapy tradition; A unique visual profile of 65 different oils; Treatments for common complaints; Home aromatherapy and self-massage; Perfumery and the art of blending; The benefits of aromatic oils upon stress.
Aromatherapy Workbook

: Understanding Essential Oils - From Plant to Bottle´┐Ż
By Shirley Price
Written for those who wish to delve deeper into the world of aromatherapy, this book includes: extraction methods for obtaining essential oils; the nature of different carrier oils; therapeutic oils versus perfume oils; plant families and the therapeutic qualities of their essential oils; the chemistry of essential oils; the relationship between components of essential oils and their effects on the body; and how to use essential oils for health, pleasure and enjoyment. Shirley Price is the author of the acclaimed 'Practical Aromatherapy '.
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

By Chrissie Wildwood
A guide to aromatherapy. It discusses aromatherapy's history and theories, then matches physical disorders with natural remedies and cures, with guidance for the care of mind, body and soul. Massage skills are covered, and at the end, a list of aromatic oils outlines the properties of each.
Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

By Louise Tucker
A necessary book for the ITEC examination. Many people find Tucker's approach to aromatherapy far too simplified, and in some instances, simplification to the point of possibly being erroneous. Use with care if you need it for ITEC.
The Fragrant Pharmacy

By Valerie Ann Worwood
This book approaches nature through one of its most powerful forms - fragrant essential oils, drawn from flowers and grasses, trees and roots, leaves and fruit. Essential oils have many properties which are explained in this guide. Remedies for sports injuries, sunburn and stress, are described alongside preparations for health and beauty, for pregnancy and childbirth and for general wellbeing. There are chapters on how essential oils can be used throughout the home - for cooking and even in petcare.
Valerie Ann Worwood is the author of 'Aromantics'.
The Fragrant Mind

By Valerie Ann Worwood
This is the companion volume to 'The Fragrant Pharmacy'. This book is a guide to aromatherapy concentrating on the emotional, psychological and mood-changing effects of nature's essential oils. By introducing the particular characteristics of individual oils it shows how they can be matched to human personality types. The reader can find out whether they are a floral, herbie, rootie, woody, fruity or seedy type and create a tailor-made personality blend. The book explains the physiological basis for the use of these essential oils to enhance emotional wellbeing.
The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

: Over 600 Natural, Non-Toxic and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health, Beauty and a Safe Home
By Valerie Ann Worwood
This book focuses on the applications that an aromatherapist requires. It is sectioned and grouped into areas of compatibility and so is exceptionally useful and helpful for the aromatherapist who needs quick referencing. If you have only one book on aromatherapy, this could be it!
The Art of Aromatherapy

By Robert Tisserand
This is the first ever book on aromatherapy in the English language - the one that started the spread to the English speaking world. This guide has been referred to as a 'standard reference work since it was published'. It covers topics such as; what are essential oils, curing the body, curing the mind, practical hints and recipes, skin care, essential oils and massage, principles of natural therapy and others......
Robert Tisserand is the grandfather of aromatherapy in the English speaking world!
A book worth having for its history, its wonderful content, and its practical value.