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The following glossary is provided to explain the most common terms used in aromatherapy for therapeutic values.

Abortifacient - can induce abortion

Analgesic - relieves pain

Anodyne - relieves pain and soothes disturbed feelings

Anti-depressant - alleviates depression

Anti-epileptic - alleviates epliepsy

Anti-histaminic - neutralises histamine

Anti-infectious - reduces infection

Anti-inflammatory - reduces inflammation

Anti-neuralgic - relieves or reduces nerve pain

Antiseptic - counteracts the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms

Anti-spasmodic - alleviates spasm

Anti-tussive - relieves coughs

Antiviral - counteracts the effects of viruses

Aphrodisiac - arouses sexual desire

Astringent - causes contraction of body tissues

Bactericidal - can destroy bacteria

Balancing - restores equilibrium

Calming - induces calm

Carminative - relieves gas in the digestive tract

Cicatrisant - helps wounds to heal

Clearing - relieves congestion

Comforting - soothes distress

Cooling - reduces sensation of heat

Decongestant - relieves congestion especially from mucous

Deoderant - masks or suppresses odours

Depurative - combats impurity in the blood

Digestive - aids the process of digestion

Diuretic - increases the discharge of urine

Emmenagogue - induces or assists menstruation

Euphoric - imparts of great feeling of well-being

Expectorant - facilitates the expulsion of phlegm or mucous from the respiratory tract

Febrifuge - combats fever

Fungicidal - destroys or inhibits growth of fungi

Haemostatic - stops blood flow from a wound

Hepatic - acts on the liver

Hormonal - has a hormone-like effect

Hypertensive - increases blood pressure

Immuno-stimulant - stimulates the immune system to fight infection

Nervine - relieves nerve disorders

Parturient - aids childbirth

Purifying - clears impurities

Regulator - balances bodily systems

Restorative - restores health or strength

Rubefacient - causes redness of the skin

Sedative - has a soothing, calming effect

Stimulating - induces invigoration

Stomachic - digestive aid and tonic improving appetite

Sudorific - causes or increases perspiration

Tissue regenerator - aids in the renewing of tissue in wounds

Tonic - has a restorative effect

Uplifting - spiritually or mentally stimulating

Urinary antispetic - destroys disease causing organisms in the urinary tract

Vasoconstictive - causes constriction of blood vessels

Vulnerary - aids healing of wounds

Warming - causes a sensation of heat