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A site supporting qualified aromatherapists and students.

aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and other extracts of plants to promote physical and psychological wellbeing - also known as essence therapy.


therapy essence provides basic grounding information on aromatherapy, individual oil profiles, recipes for special oil blends, and tools to help identify oils relevant to promoting wellbeing in various physical and emotional conditions, plus advice on aromatherapy for beauty applications.


Information is also provided on current specialist books, research articles, links to relevant associations, and an a-z of other alternative therapies. The a-z is intended for practitioners who may seek to refer clients to other therapists, and includes a summary and links to membership associations dealing with the specific therapies.


Disclaimer - all information in this site is sourced from reputable researchers and authors, and is intended for use by aromatherapists and students in their own work. Only qualified aromatherapists or students under supervision can provide blends and procedures that conform to safety standards. Only the most well established and generally accepted oils and blends are considered here so as to reduce risk from untested or unproven ideas. If in doubt take professional advice.

To make the most of this site, become familiar with good carrier oils, as well as hazardous oils, and the definitions of therapeutic values.